Friday, January 15, 2016

Fleeting Vista

I've been painting a lot this past week and have been going to back to some favorite photos for reference. I would love to try my hand at plein air painting again, but for now, the studio is the most convenient.  I have always been drawn to the beauty of landscapes.  In fact, It is quite possible that I have more photos of landscapes and skycapes than of my own children.  Or at least an equal amount.  I've been known to either pullover to capture a moment or hand the camera off to whomever was in the passenger seat to snap a photo for me.  This particular painting is from a photo taken from the car, while speeding down the highway.  I had already had my husband pull over too many times, so another stop was out of the question.  This view was just too beautiful to pass up though.  The play of the light on the mountains and clouds, the wisps of rain fading into the sunlight and the repetition of plowed fields... I had to get this shot.  I actually love the resulting blurred motion effect.

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